Fiat Sports Cars

Fiat Sports Cars

Italian automaker Fiat had been established for years before trying its hand in the sportscar market. As with many manufacturers during the 1960s, Fiat used one of their existing models as the basis for their first sportscar offering, resulting in the Fiat 1200.

In this article, you will learn about Fiat’s sportscar history, from the Pinin Farinastyled 1200 to the wildly successful Fiat 124 Sports Coupe and Spider both worked off the success of existing Fiat sedans, producing sleek, sporty additions to the lineup.

Eventually, however, Fiat had to pull out of the sportscar game, first by halting production on its sports cars in North America, and later in Europe as well. Fiats had always carried a reputation for being somewhat unreliable, which eventually forced them out of the market. Still, Fiat was and remains a highquality carmaker.

Let’s begin our exploration of Fiat on the next page with the 1200 and 1500.

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How To Get Free Softball Equipment

How To Get Free Softball Equipment

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Sports team owners such as Leslie Alexander, who owns the Houston Rockets basketball team, has also taken the time to invest in youth sports such as softball in the Houston area. If you are interested in going the direct charitable route to find free softball equipment, there are websites out there that can lead you in the right direction. Dunham Sports is one of the lesser known competitors of a Dick’s Sporting Goods. The free softball equipment that Dunham may offer an organization is probably just as good as what Dick’s Sporting Goods could offer. This is despite the fact that Dunham’s profits typically aren’t as large in comparison to DSG and they aren’t a publicly traded company who can lean on shareholders for extra capital. Investment goals can sometimes blind people and they forget about charitable works as is.

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